1. Booking & Cancellation
All reservations will be processed if you confirm your reservation via email and will be responded no later than 24 hours.
Should you make any modification on your detail email us personal data and flights schedule, you are responsible to inform us immediately.

2. Traveler’s Documents
Each visitor to Indonesia should acquire a relevant visa to enter the country and should hold a passport of at least 6 months validity beyond the designated date of departure. In addition, visitor to Indonesia should confirm to have either return or through tickets for the onward journey.

3. Liability
PT. INDONESIA TROPIC HOLIDAYS  shall hold no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages on your computer caused by viruses that infecting during the e-mail or data transmission between the users and PT. LOMBOK TROPIC HOLIDAYS INDONESIA  . Our devices are equipped with anti-virus software.

4. Indemnification
PT. INDONESIA TROPIC HOLIDAYS   and users (travelers to Lombok) shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless each other from and against any claims, demands, including – without limitation – reasonable legal and accounting fees as a result of your use of material in our website, including software, or your violation of the terms of this agreement or inaccuracy of the information or the availability or quality of products provided by the third parties.

5. Force Majeure
Clause 4 shall be applicable in case of Force Majuro. This includes war, unrest, strike, terrorism, natural or industrial disaster, governmental regulations, communication or utility failure, material shortage or rationing, air carriers schedule amendments or any other unavoidable events beyond PT. INDONESIA TROPIC HOLIDAYS  control.

6. Law of Agreement
If legal action should be taken related to the agreement regulated here, it must comply the Law of The Republic of Indonesia.

7. Payment Method
PT. INDONESIA TROPIC HOLIDAYS   does not charge any down payment to the users unless specifically regulated by the hotel. The payment should be made 50 % by wire transfer and balance should pay 30 days before arrival in Indonesia

This deposit is not refundable.

Deposit and Payment:
50% when confirmed booking
25% 30 days before starting the tours
25% 15 days before starting the tours

8. Additional Terms and Conditions
PT. INDONESIA TROPIC HOLIDAYS  Contact as an agent of service providers that may have own terms and conditions other than aforementioned here. Therefore, additional terms and conditions shall be applicable whenever necessary and you are agreeing to bear such terms and conditions.

9. Banking
We require 50% deposit in advance when confirm booking by Wire Transfer to our Bank Account below:

  • RUPIAH ACCOUNT ( IDR ) for Wire transfer in Indonesia:
    Cabang Mataram-West Lombok
  • Bank Account: 232 024 1858
    Beneficiary Name: ANDI HERMANSYAH A.M
    Swift Code: CENAIDJA=======================================
    USD Bank Account:
    Kantor Cabang Mataram
    Jalan Pejanggik NO 117
    Mataram – West Lombok – NTB Indonesia
    Bank Account:
    USD ACCOUNT NUMBER: 359 5101 662
    Beneficiary Name : ANDI HERMANSYAH AM
    Swift Code : BDINIDJA


10. Cancellation
We require cancellation fees when booking confirmed:
50 % when booking cancel ( Not Refundable )
75 % when booking cancel 15 days before arrival
100 % when booking cancel 07 days before arrival

Booking and Reservation Details:

Indonesia Tropic Holidays
Jl. Raya Pantai Senggigi Beach Hotel
Senggigi Plaza Block A3/No 06
Senggigi – Lombok Barat
Office Hours: +62 (0)370 692 179 / 693 949 ( 08.00 AM-04.00 PM )
Hotline 24 Hours Text Message Only : +62 (0)818 0209 1999
Email : info@gorinjani.com